Relaxed Natural Ponytail

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Easy, Fast, Convenient. These ponytails were designed with you in mind. The busy corporate woman, the friend who likes to weekend brunch, or the student rushing off for class; our Fast Ponytail Collection was created for one purpose--- to get up and go !! 


Our Relaxed Natural Ponytail mimics a kinky straight texture that has been slightly pressed out. Perfect for those wanting a change from their coils, curls, and kinks to a blowout look. 


This texture can be heat styled and manipulated with proper profesionnal styling tools and heat protectants. It is also bleach and dye safe. 

 Our ponytails feature 130g of pure human hair that gives you the perfect balance between not too thin and not too voluminious. Trust us ! Each ponytail measures to about a full bundle and a 1/2. 


Ponytails come in lengths 12, 18, and 24 inches. 


Hair can last up to two years with proper maintenance. 


Model is wearing length 24 inches. 


  • All ponytails are approximately measured at 130g's.
  • Each ponytail comes wuth two sturdy combs attached to the beginning and end of the ponytail with an adjustable drawstring.
  • Hair can last up to two years with proper maintenance.
  • Wefts come in a natural color. Individual ponytails may have varying natural colors.
  • 12 inches (short length)
  • 18 inches (medium length)
  • 24 inches (long length)

Faq's+ Maintenance

How Do I Wear The Ponytail? 


Attaching our Her Fast Ponytail is easy. Manipulate your natural hair into any bun style you desire, and position your ponytail over the bun. Each comb should attach to your hair from either top to bottom or side to side depending on your preference. Once combs are secured, pulling the knob to the base of your bun for tightness and either wrap or tuck string in bun. Use a piece of your hair from the bun to wrap around the base of your bun to cover any exposed wefts that may be showing. 


Can I Dye My Extensions?

Our hair extensions can be lifted and dyed, however, we recommend that you utilize the services of a professional hair stylist to maximize the integrity of the hair. 


Hair Care?

Follow hair care card instructions on how to specifically care for your hair. Read our Hair Care Guide on suggested products. 

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