3mm Coily Series Clip In's

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When properly defined, our 3mm hair extensions mimic 4a hair in its defined state. Our pure hair is gently steam processed to get the perfect texture. Our clip in's are for perfect for adding volume to any hairstyle. We highly recommend using clip in's to achieve flawless looks such as wash and go's, flat twists, braid outs, twists, ponytails, buns, and other creative hairstyles. 

This texture ihas a defined curl pattern almost like the letter "S". This is perfect for those who classify as 4a or 4ab. 




  • Clip in's are custom created by a gentle steam proccess.
  • Hair comes in a low luster natural black or 1b color.
  • Hair can be washed, colored, or dyed.
  • Model is wearing 16"inch clip in's

FAQ'S+ Maintenance

Can I Heat Style? 


We strongly recommend that hair be worn in its natural texture with minimal heat styling, brushing, or combing to preserve the integrity of its curl. Moisturzing products are highly recommend for this pattern.


Can I Dye My Extensions?

Our hair extensions can be lifted and dyed, however, we recommend that you utilize the services of a professional hair stylist to maximize the integrity of the hair. 


How Many Sets Do I Need? 


We currently offer clip in extensions in two sets. Our Full Sets and Mega Sets. Both sets are enough for a full style. If ypu prefer a more voluminous look, we recommend a Mega Set. 


Full Set (160g) is approximately 1 1/2 bundles of hair. Perfect for leaving only the front of your hair out or blending your hair with clips ins to achieve a more volume look. 


Mega Set (220g) is approximately 2 full bundles of hair.  This will add extra density and volume if you chose to leave your hair out of if you chose to blend with your natural hair. Perfect for an Extra Glam look. 

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