How to Maintain Flat Ironed Natural Hair


With fall already here in some places of the country, not only is it the perfect time to protective style your natural hair, but it is the perfect time to achieve those perfect flat iron styles because of the cool fall weather. 

As naturals, especially with type 4 and type 3 hair, our hair is already fragile and sensitive. Even though we promote the use of hair extensions here at Her Textured Hair such as our Relaxed natural (kinky straight) and Coarse natural, we still urge our customers to practice safe hair education so they are getting the most out of their hair extensions. 

Which brings us to this blog post. For those of us who are avoiding the hair salons due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, it is important that we take care of our natural hair more than ever. Since fall is officially ¨blow out" season, here are a few tips on how to maintain your natural hair while it is straight.

Tip 1- Wrap Hair Every Night

Just like you would if you had a protective style such as braids or a sew in, it is important to wrap up your hair every night while it is straight. A good practice is also pin curling your hair to make it last longer of you do not mind a curly look. We recommend using one of our satin protective hair scarves to wrap your hair at night.  

Tip 2- Choose the Right Season

I cannot stress this enough. If you live in a hot climate like I do (Texas), it is important that you flat iron your hair in the cooler months to avoid humidity and frizz doing a number on your hair. Your results will last weeks flat ironing your hair in the late fall or winter versus in the hot summer months. 

Tip 3- The Less Product the Better 

Our hair does not need to be weighed down by heavy products. If you must use oils and serums, I recommend very light weight oils or serums that will not weight your hair down. 

Tip 4- Avoid Sweaty Activities 

As much as I love to go to the gym, avoiding high intense activities that will make you sweat, especially around your hairline area is ideal. This is because our hair tends to poof up once humidity or wetness touches it. 

Tip 5- Protect Your Hair in the Shower or Bath 

Make sure when you are taking a bath or shower that your hair protected with a shower cap to avoid water or steam from getting into your roots and you hair in general. 







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