Tips to Maintain Natural Hair This Summer

Who else is ready to leap into summer? As we come out of the cold months and get ready for summer, it is important to take care of our natural hair more than ever. For others, it may be as simple as switching out certain products, while for some, changing up the protective styles. 

So how exactly should we be taking care of our hair in the upcoming summer months? Well, here are a few tips to help maintain your natural hair this summer ! 

1. Hydrate ! Hydrate ! Hydrate ! 

What you consume inside, heavily affects what you show on the outside. We recommend drinking lots of water as well as eating healthy foods. If your body is dehydrated or malnourished your hair will be too. 

2. Minimize Heat Tools 

If you live in a hot zone like me, the summer sun can be really drying and dry hair tends to suck out the moisture from your hair. Not only that, but certain styles like silk presses or blowouts may be a little more susceptible to humidity thus affectiving the longevity of your style.

3. Deep Condition Reguarly

Just in case you didnt't read the title again, Deep Condition Regularly ! If possible, we recommend deep conditioning at least every week with a moisture rich conditioner. 

4. Stress Free Styles 

Try wearing your hair in simple stress free styles that will allow your hair to breathe. Tight braids and twists can damage hair follicles due to the tension of the style. 

We hope you enjoyed our hair tips ! What plans do you have to wear your hair this summer? 

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